We want a healthier, simpler and more sustainable lifestyle, improving consumption habits.

Hands intertwining with each other to form a square.

To be respectful of our environment in the long term. We use the minimum, only what we need, to avoid wasting water and resources.


We tkare aims to protect the health of all people and the planet.


We are looking for the collaboration of everyone. We all have something to contribute. If we all take care, we will live better.


We don't want to overcomplicate things. It's all about making our lives easier when it comes to cleaning.


Image of Javier in the field

My name is Javier and I am the creator and founder of We TKare. I was born and raised in Madrid and like many others after university I went abroad to gain international experience. I started recycling paper and glass but the more I read and paid more attention to pollution and climate change, the more I realized that something had to change and fast!

I am convinced that small changes have a big impact on the environment, which will improve our health and quality of life. Because being green is not everything, I want to inspire everyone to reduce waste and improve consumption habits through easy sustainable alternatives while protecting our planet.

WeTKare was created with the idea of unifying sustainable products and services, but in that search I only found eco-friendly cleaning products, however I had the opportunity to come across a great laboratory with international presence and with the same values.

Taking advantage of their experience I decided to start with cleaning products, WeTKare multisurfaces and floor cleaners, and with your support we will expand our range.

WeTKare are small changes you can make to reduce disposable products that we use every day.

I hope I could answer all your questions, know new ideas, products that you would like to recommend or simply you would like to give me your opinion, I will be happy to hear from you.


I wish you a great day.


The power of enzymes
Utilizamos enzimas de origen vegetal potenciadas gracias a la biotecnologiaNon-ionic surfactants 5-15%, amphoteric surfactants <5%, Polycarboxilates <5% and enzymes.

Nuestro productos no son sólo ecológicos y libre de plásticos y otros materiales de un sólo uso.

Utilizamos una fórmula diseñada por científicos expertos. Concentrada para una máxima sostenibilidad, hecha de enzimas y sin químicos agresivos que contaminan el agua y la tierra y te dan una falsa sensación de seguridad.Te mereces tener un espacio realmente limpio.

Benefits of enzymes

They are natural and environmentally friendly.
Reach areas where chemicals cannot reach
Avoid risks of allergic reactions
Can work up to 80h