We are convinced that you will love WeTKare products. However, if for any reason the experience is not satisfactory, we will refund 50% of the final price of that order under the we-tkare.com Money Back Guarantee.

To claim the WeTKare Money Back Guarantee, we ask that you contact us at help@we-tkare.com within 10 days of the product's arrival at your designated delivery address. The email must be sent from the email address associated and registered with your account (to confirm that you are the account holder), and must include details of why you wish to send back your products under the Return Guarantee.

It is your responsibility to arrange the return of the products and cover the shipping costs. When you contact us, we will provide you with the address to send the products to. No unauthorized returns will be accepted.

Refund will be for items for which the return guarantee claim is made. Final order price means the final price paid after promotional discounts or account credits have been redeemed or claimed for that purchase.

We will proceed with the refund within a reasonable period from the initial email we receive from you, provided the product has been returned to us.

The refund will only be made to the card you made the initial payment with, and we will notify you once this refund has been issued.

The WeTKare Money Back Guarantee only applies to the first order and delivery from your account on We-TKare.com account, it is also limited to one per household and/or WeTKare.com customer account holder.

The WeTKare Money Back Guarantee does not apply and no refund will be issued if any of the products are altered, damaged or more than 75% of the cleaners (Multi-surface and Floor Cleaner) have been consumed.

The WeTKare Money Back Guarantee is only valid for products purchased from www.we-tkare.com. we-tkare.com is not responsible for WeTKare products purchased or acquired from other websites or resellers.