These terms of service were last updated on February 28, 2021.

The entire document shall form the terms of service for using our website, purchasing any products from this website and/or accessing our customer account pages.

Please read these terms of service completely and carefully before using www.we-tkare.com (the site) and the services, features and content, applications or products offered.


These Terms of Service govern you: a customer (past, current or potential) and/or a website viewer ("you", "you") relationship with WeTKare (trading as we-tkare.com) ("We-TKare.com", "WeTKare", "We", "us", "we", "our") your customer account pages (the functional areas of the website, pages on wetkare.com; where you can add and edit information personalized to you) all subscriptions you make for WeTKare products advertised for sale by us (the Products) through the Website, and all communications with you ("Communications") (including, without limitation, emails from us, printed material accompanying your orders, labeling, etc.). on products).

By confirming the optional terms of service and privacy policy in the account registration process, you agree to these terms of service in full in exchange for which we will grant you access to our website.

If you do not agree to these terms of service or any part of these terms of service, you must not opt out of the terms of service and privacy policy during the registration process. You must exit our website immediately; any previous information you have entered will be deleted and you will not be able to order any products from our website (we-tkare.com).

We reserve the right to change our terms of service. From time to time we will change the terms of service, so please continue to check the terms of service when using or accessing the site. The terms of service relating to your access and use of the website are the version displayed on the website on each date you access and/or use the website. If you do not wish to accept our terms of service, you must discontinue use of the website. Your continued use of the website and your continued subscription after any changes are made establishes your acceptance of any changes. If you do not agree to the changes, you must cancel your subscription. Details of how to cancel are described below.

Please see the FAQ section on the website for additional information.

This website and our communications are intended for access in the United Kingdom. Any user in a jurisdiction where the publication or availability of the site is prohibited should not access the website. Those who access the website do so on their own initiative.


By giving us your email address (by voluntarily creating your customer account with us and/or purchasing products through us), you agree to receive electronic communication directly from us. This communication may be directly related to your purchase or direct marketing from us.

When you use features on our website (including the feature where you enter your data about your laundry and/or dishwashing habits), use the customer account pages or send us an email, you are communicating with us electronically. You agree to receive communications from us electronically. All information, notices, disclosures and agreements that we communicate to you by email or through the website are considered to be in writing.


To purchase any product, we ask you to register with us using the method defined on our website. Registering with us will generate a customer account ("customer account", "account", a unique username with associated information) for you. This gives you access to the customer account pages and means you can purchase products from us.

You must be at least 18 years of age to register with us on the date of registration. By registering with us and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you warrant and represent to us that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18, you may not, under any circumstances or for any reason, use the Services. We may, in our sole discretion, refuse to offer the services to any person or entity and change our eligibility criteria at any time. The services are offered for your use, and not for the use or benefit of any third party.

You must ensure that the details you provide to us, via the customer account pages or any other communication (including email) are correct and complete. Please note that we cannot be held responsible if you enter an incorrect email address with misspellings or other errors. For security reasons, we cannot cancel or make changes to accounts where you cannot verify the exact email address you set up the account with.

You must inform us immediately of any changes to the information you provided to us; you can do this by accessing the customer account pages. This includes your payment details. If we are unable to receive payment from your card, we cannot process your order.

If you need changes to take effect before your next order, you must ensure that changes are made via the customer account pages more than 24 hours before your order is packed and dispatched.

All personal and payment details are governed by our privacy policy.

Accounts are not transferable and you may not transfer, exchange, assign or sell your account with we-tkare.com to any other party.

You must not allow any other person to use your account to access the website.

You can access details about your subscription and delivery plan with we-tkare.com by logging into your customer account and clicking on the relevant section of the website.

You agree not to impersonate any other person while using our website. You also agree not to behave in an offensive, unlawful, illegal, unlawful, fraudulent, immoral or harmful manner while using our website.

You may not use our site for any unlawful purpose or in any way that may damage our name or reputation.


When you register for an account with us on our website, you will be asked to choose a user ID and password associated with your customer account. It is recommended that you create a strong password and keep it confidential.

You are responsible for all purchases made on your wetkare.com account.

You are responsible for all actions and any changes to your account on the wetkare.com customer account pages (including [but not limited to] change of postal delivery address and delivery instructions).

You must notify us in writing immediately if you suspect or become aware of any disclosure of your password, unauthorized access to your account and/or use of your wetkare.com customer account.

You must not use anyone else's account to access the website (unless you have that person's express permission to do so).

We can only register one person per account, and for security reasons, you may be asked to confirm your details if you contact us to discuss your account.


By registering with WeTKare.com, you agree to all security measures outlined on our website and, in doing so, you also agree to take responsibility for the security of these products once delivered to your stated delivery address.

You must have an account to place orders and purchase products on our website.

You agree to have correct, accurate and valid card payment details entered into your customer account.

Registering is free.

The cost of your order will be displayed on the website before you confirm your order. At this point, you can change your details and the details of your deliveries before continuing with the order and purchase. Your past orders are visible in your customer account and future orders will be added.

We reserve the right to vary the content of your order without prior notice and at our sole discretion.

You can manage your future orders with us through your customer account.

The total price will be charged to the payment card you indicate in your account at the time of order processing for each specific order.

Your subscription to we-tkare.com will remain valid until you cancel it. If you wish to cancel your profile please contact us at help@we-tkare.com and if you wish to add the reason for your cancellation we would appreciate it.

If you cancel your WeTKare.com profile and subsequently reactivate at a different time, the price of the WeTKare plan subscription may be a different price than the price in effect at the time of cancellation.


Once you have received an email indicating your registration with we-tkare.com, you may cancel your WeTKare profile by emailing us at helpwe-tkare.com.

Estimated delivery date is 3-7 business days. Orders will still be charged and delivered if your cancellation notification is after your purchase.


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We reserve the right to suspend, refuse or cancel your account and/or orders at any time at our sole discretion without notice or explanation. If we do so, you will only be charged for orders that have been shipped to you.


De vez en cuando podemos presentar ofertas especiales a clientes nuevos y/o existentes.

Cuando hacemos tales ofertas, las ofertas introductorias solo están disponibles para los nuevos usuarios del sitio web. Los usuarios que se hayan registrado previamente en el plan WeTKare no pueden acceder a una oferta adicional, a menos que se indique expresamente. «Usuarios que se han registrado previamente» se refiere a cualquier combinación de: un usuario con una cuenta de usuario en wetkare.com, una tarjeta de crédito o débito, un titular de tarjeta de crédito o débito, una dirección de entrega, una dirección del titular de la tarjeta o un hogar, que previamente ha utilizado el servicio wetkare.com.

Podemos restringir quién puede acceder a ofertas por cualquier motivo a nuestro exclusivo criterio.

A menos que se indique explícitamente lo contrario, todas las ofertas están limitadas a una por hogar.

Podemos cancelar cualquier oferta especial, oferta introductoria o descuento en cualquier momento sin previo aviso o explicación.

Los descuentos y ofertas promocionales están disponibles solo por períodos de tiempo limitados.

Se pueden aplicar cargos de envío a las órdenes de juicio.

La propuesta I TKare permite a los clientes registrados en wetkare.com compartir sus códigos únicos I TKare con sus amigos y hacerlos parte de nuestra comunidad. Los códigos I TKare solo pueden ser utilizados por nuevos clientes que no hayan tenido previamente una cuenta o entrega desdewe-tkare.com (por lo tanto, los usuarios previamente registrados no pueden usar un código I TKare). Los clientes existentes de we-tkare.com no pueden usar los códigos I TKare, y los clientes no pueden usar sus propios códigos I TKare en su propia cuenta.

Una vez que un cliente existente de wetkare.com (“un miembro») haya referido a un amigo con su código I TKare y el amigo referido se haya registrado con ese código y tras realizar su primera compra en we-tkare.com, el referente recibirá un descuento en su próxima entrega. Este crédito no puede aplicarse retrospectivamente.

Cada cliente puede remitir un máximo de 10 amigos y ganar un máximo de 10 creditos de referencia. Después puede continuar refiriéndo amigos, y cuando llegue a 100 amigos en un año desde que se crea la cuenta, recibirá un KIT Sostenible gratuito. El premio por recibir un Kit Sostenible por referir 100 amigos en un año se renueva todos los años. Nos reservamos el derecho de aumentar o disminuir estos límites en cualquier momento, a nuestro exclusivo criterio y sin notificación previa o explicación.

Nos reservamos el derecho de poner cualquier cuenta de usuario en espera y evitar entregas salientes, y/o eliminar cualquier crédito I TKare de cualquier cuenta de usuario donde nos demos cuenta o detectemos cualquier un abuso o trato injusto de una oferta o Código (s) de I TKare y recompensa (s) asociada (s).

Al compartir su código I TKare, no puede imitar o tergiversar a we-tkare.com, ni engañar a las personas para que crean que están tratando directamente con we-tkare.com o afiliados. Le exigimos que se registre en una cuenta cliente en wetkare.com para canjear cualquier oferta. Este proceso se detalla en la sección «Registro y gestión de cuentas», y específicamente este proceso de alta incluye que registre los detalles válidos de pago y entrega. Esto incluye registrarse para ofertas gratuitas y con descuento.

Excepto donde se indique lo contrario, los descuentos y créditos no se pueden usar junto con otras ofertas o descuentos.

We-tkare.com se reserva el derecho de eliminar el crédito no reclamado de I TKare después de 7 meses. Una vez que una cuenta ha estado inactiva durante 12 meses desde la ultima entrega (definida como que no ha habido entregas esos 12 meses), nos reservamos el derecho de eliminar cualquier crédito I TKare, ya sea que se haya reclamado o no. Cualquier crédito I TKare (ya sea reclamado o no) en una cuenta cancelada sera elimino de inmediato.

Solo la compra de nuestros productos a través de web we-tkare.com, la cual requiere una cuenta de cliente registrada con detalles válidos de pago y entrega sera valida para canjear una oferta gratuita o con descuento, o para canjear créditos.

No se pueden canjear créditos o descuentos por dinero.

Después de cualquier oferta con descuento, se le cobrará el precio total de los pedidos posteriores hasta el momento en que se aplique otra oferta con descuento aplicable y válida, o cancele suscripciones y pedidos activos con nosotros.

Si el amigo referido devuelve algún artículo del pedido, el referente pierde su crédito por esa compra.

Estos términos de servicio se pueden cambiar en cualquier momento.


The website, its content and intellectual property are ours at all times, unless you have a license to use or borrow ownership.

This content and intellectual property includes trademarks, logos, trade names, registered designs, patents and copyrights and any other intellectual property arising from the function or design of the website or any communication.

By using the website and receiving communications, you automatically agree to respect these copyrights and intellectual property.You may not copy, transmit, download, print or reproduce in any way any material from the website for commercial purposes, unless explicitly permitted by we-tkare.com

website may also include links to external websites (outside the wetkare.com domain)

We do not control these websites and the links are provided for your convenience and information only.

Their inclusion on the website does not signify our endorsement of the websites or their associated companies.

We have no responsibility for the content, privacy policies and operation of the websites to which we link.

We reserve the right to request that you immediately remove any links to our website that you create and post.


This website and our communications, and their content, are provided on an "as is" basis.

We do not warrant that the website will operate error-free or without interruption and we do not accept responsibility for the content and functions contained on the website and in our communications.

We do not guarantee that the site will be compatible with all computer software and equipment or mobile devices.

We cannot guarantee that the website and its server will be free from bugs, worms, viruses, Trojan horses or any other malicious software, and we will not be liable for any damage you may suffer as a result of such destructive and unintentional features.

We will not be in breach of these terms of service or contract as a result of any failure to perform our obligations or any delay in our performance if that failure or delay is due to any circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

We warrant that the products will be fit for their intended purpose and of satisfactory quality.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.


You acknowledge that your use of this site and its content is at your own risk.

Except for liability which we cannot limit, restrict or exclude by law, we shall have no liability to you or any third party for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or losses (including loss of profits) or any other damages of any kind which were not foreseeable by either you or us at the point of sale or use of our website.

Customers should be aware that WeTKare products may contain potentially toxic and harmful components, so care should be taken in accepting delivery via the designated delivery address. Customers assume all responsibility for reviewing the safety section of the website and acting accordingly.

Customers assume all responsibility for any injury or damage caused by WeTKare products being destroyed, ingested and/or used for any purpose other than cleaning.

Subject to the above, in no event shall we be liable to you for any business losses, and any liability we have for losses you suffer arising from any order shall not exceed the purchase price of the relevant product(s) purchased in such order and is strictly limited to losses that were reasonably foreseeable. Losses are foreseeable where you and we could contemplate them at the time we accept your order.

We will not be liable for any failure or delay in any of our obligations under any cause for events beyond our reasonable control.


If any provision of these terms of service is, or becomes, invalid, or contravenes applicable regulations, then the remaining provisions shall not be affected.


No waiver by us of, or breach of, the terms of service shall constitute a waiver in any other way. No failure by us to exercise any remedy shall constitute a waiver of the right to exercise that or any other remedy.


Links to our website from other websites or publications (including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines, newsletters and flyers) (other than sites owned or commissioned by us) are for information only. They have not been reviewed by us and, as such, we have no responsibility for the content of such websites or publications and accept no liability for any losses that may be incurred as a result.


To enable you to understand how we collect your data and our online information practices, we have prepared a document; The Privacy Policy.


You agree that any dispute between you and us regarding these terms of service or any order will only be dealt with by the Spanish courts.


These terms of service are governed by the laws of Spain.